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ALive Magazine Nov 2015 Alive Magazine- Men of Style November 2014
Sarah Stallman
A liitle bit flashy and a little bit Rock 'n'Roll, 10denza's Chris Lanter is the living personification of the lifestyle he creates at his hip Central West End boutique. Since 2011, the retail-space-meets-lounge has added a posh twist to the St Louis boutique scene, offereing men's and women's clothing accessories and gear. alongside music finds and books. The result is a culmination of years of experience (Lanter is a former DJ) intertwined with the development of his signature style and well-trained eye. He just so happens to represent a portion of his target customer; the fashionable gent with panache. Lanter prefers clothing that fits well and makes him feel confident, attention to detail is key to looking the part. Readily admitting that a man should have ' at least a dozen watches," he favors wristwear from designers like Nixon and MSTR,printed socks and quality eyewear. For Lanter,even one's choice in cologne is an important piece of the well-dressed puzzle (he wears Tom Ford). Its those fashion-focused details-along boldly printed button-ups, tailored blazers and qulaity denim-that set Lanter apart as both a man of style.and entrepreneur with an air of unconventionality.



RFT LOGO1 Best Clothing Store For Men St Louis 2014
Riverfront Times
Are you tired of looking like a schlubby Cardinals fan with a hangover? Even if that's what you are.it doesn't mean you have to look like it. Head over to 10denza and replace your soiled Molina jersey with button-up shirts, designer jeans, stylish shoes and accessories to compliment your look. The name comes from the Italian word "tendenza" meaning "trending" and that's exactly whats happening at the Central West End Boutique. Owner Chris Lanter stocks brands like Descendant of Thieves and Moods of Norway. Sure, they sound like pretentious inie-rock bands,but they'll make you seem like you just got back from an A-list party in Amsterdam. In fact, 10denza stocks shirts from Amsterdam-based Scotch & Soda, so coolness is pracctically gauranteed. But because 10denza carries designer duds doesn't mean you have to have a yacht in Sanit-Tropez to shop there. Prices range from $50 for shirts to $500 for suits. And if your beer-slinging buddies try to poke fun because you want to look like and adult, just show them the inside of your Moods of Norway sports coat- the patch says "Made with love by really really pretty blonde girls"